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"Oh Crap!"

I Have to Give a Presentation"

From Chump to Champ

Secrets, Stories and Strategies

Be a Sponge!

You Reap What You Soak


Be Present, Not Perfect

Your Hero's Journey

Impact Lives Through Your Story


How to Connect with Your Audience

Coaching 101

Secrets from a World Champion Coach

Humor 101

Start Getting More Laughs!

Rock a TED Talk

Get and Prepare a Powerful Talk

Your Stage, Your Story

How to Use it or Confuse it!

Panic to Power

Strategies for Confidence

Speak Outside of TM

For Fun, Profit & Club Building

Say What?

How to Find the Best Topic for You!

How to Speak to Diverse Audiences

How to Profit from Info Products for Speakers

Humor & Hope

Inspiration for Your Journey from His

Learn How the Pros Make 'Em Laugh

Get Insights from 8 of Darren's Comedy & Humor Mentors

Create Your Keynote Master Program

Join Darren and Patricia Fripp as they walk you through
their 7-Step process for creating a world-class 45-minute presentation

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